Every call is different. One caller might be asking for help with reading, another might be asking for help to speak English. The next might be an adult struggling with the secret of being illiterate. We might not be able to solve all their problems, but we do provide a soothing voice and a caring ear – and before the call ends, the individual calling will have the help they need.  That is our mission!




August New Tutor Workshops:
In-Person starts August 6, 2019
Online starts August 7, 2019

Registration and Testing for
Academic Skills Class and English as a
Second Language (ESL) starts
the week of September 9th.





Here, at The Literacy Council, we are always in need of volunteers who exhibit a true passion for reading and want to make a difference in an individual’s life. Whether you would like to tutor an adult learner or read with a child, The Literacy Council has an opportunity for you! Call 815-963-7323 for more information on volunteer opportunities!


How to help… Our current donor database has many caring and loving people. People who donate because they believe The Literacy Council does what it says it does and that is helps people to become successful in their lives. Our donors are regular people just like you and me, but they believe they can make a difference and they do!

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