Join us for the 15th Annual Rockford Literacy Races!

Participate in a 10K Run/Walk or a Half Marathon Run.

Proceeds from this race will go to The Literacy Council to forward our mission of helping people to achieve.

Race Information


Saturday, May 12th


6:30am until 7:45am on Race Day

Start Time:


Starting Location:

Cherry Valley Fire Station, 4919 Blackhawk Rd., Rockford, IL


*All runners will have the opportunity to pick up their packet and register on Friday, May 11th at Runner’s image between 11:00am and 7:00pm.

The Literacy Council

On any given day, The Literacy Council is buzzing with activity. Learners meet with their tutors. Students file in before class. The phone rings with many requests. Staff members are busy matching learners with tutors, contacting volunteers and preparing materials for classes.

This is a place that flourishes because of the volunteers who choose to embody the organization’s mission on a daily basis. Empowering people to achieve can take many forms, and The Literacy Council is sure to make achievement individualized. With close to 150 tutors and close to 300 I READ volunteers, The Literacy Council is a place for all who have a heart for the community.

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The Literacy Council strives everyday to empower people to achieve.
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